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  • Types of Insulation

    A variety of outdoor weather proofing systems can be installed over any of these materials.

    • Rigid Duct Board and Wrap
    • Fiberglass Blanket
    • Preformed Fiberglass Pipe Tubing
    • Flexible Elastomeric (Rubber) Tubing and Sheeting
    • Calcium Silicate High Temperature or High Impact Insulation
    • Foam Glass
    • Polyisocyanurate for Low or Freezing Temperatures
    • Styrofoam for Low Temperature
    • Mineral-Wool Board and Pipe Covering
  • Project Examples


    Steam station insulated with 3in. thick fiberglass and ASJ (white reinforced) paper. All pipe has then been color coded for at owners discretion.


    Condensate Tank insulated with 2in. fiberglass pipe and tank wrap. All associated piping has 1 ½ in. preformed fiberglass pipe covering with white ASJ paper. Both pipe and tank have been painted at owners discretion.


    Interior exposed ductwork with 1 ½ in. White ASJ faced rigid fiberglass board. .


    Emergency Generator muffler and exhaust. These are both covered with 2in. thick calcium-silicate (high temp) insulation, then sealed in using stucco embossed aluminum


    Chilled water pumps are insulated with elastomeric rubber sheeting and associated piping has 1 ½ in. fiberglass with PVC jacketing. Both are exposed and PVC is applied at owners discretion.


    Rooftop chillers insulated with preformed fiberglass pipe covering and stucco embossed aluminum. Elbows are done with PVC fitting covers. Flexible elastomeric rubber painted white at owners discretion.


    Rooftop ammonia refrigerated piping is insulated with Poly-Iso and a vapor retarder. Pipe is then covered with aluminum for water shed and traffic resistance.


    Exterior ductwork insulated with 2 in. rigid fiberglass board and a polyguard weather barrier.


    Interior “soon to be concealed” ductwork wrapped in FSK (foil faced) Duct Wrap.


    Exterior condenser water piping. All pipe has preformed fiberglass pipe covering weather proofed with aluminum jacketing. Elbows are covered with PVC Victaulic shaped fitting covers.


    Mechanical room cold water pump has been insulated with removable cover for easy access and maintenance.


    Suspended holding tank insulated with fiberglass pipe and tank wrap. Available in white and foil facing.


    Exterior duct wrap insulated with 2in. fiberglass board with venture clad (a puncture resistant foil faced) outside layer.